Distributed companies  
 Bagela Baumaschinen GmbH
Underground Cable and Tube Laying machine and accessories.

 Bender GmbH
Bender is market leader for monitoring systems promoting electrical safety.

They product equipments for SF6 handling, measuring devices and accessories

 EAW Relaistechnik GmbH
Annunciator relays, auxiliary relays, control discrepancy switches, discrepancy switches, power contactors

 G. Jost - electronic - Cellizer
They are developing and producing battery test equipments. They are co-operating Ge Programma Electric AB.

 Mauell GmbH
Video walls (rear screen projection units), mosaic systems, additional products (switches, measuring units, push buttoms, lights etc.) control panels. They work in energy production and supply industries, industrial and building automation traffic control, and environmental engineering.

The Megger group, as a new owner of the former Programma AB is the premier provider of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. In their range we can find hand-held equipments (multimeters, multifunction testers) and complex diagnostic equipment, like relay testers, CB analysator and insulation testers as well.

 MTE Meter Test Equipment
MTE Meter Test Equipment offers more than 50 years of excellence, experience and innovation in state of the art products for electricity meter testing and measurement.
Provide a range of comprehensive and creative measuring equipment ranging from power sources, comparators, reference and working standards for meter testing over a range of accuracy classes, to sophisticated, customised electronic meter test systems. The range includes both fixed and portable meter test systems, a selection of power quality analysers and transformer monitoring systems.

 Siemens AG
By acquiring of the messMa GmbH the position indicators (shows the state of breakers, switches) will be produced in the same way by the SIEMENS AG.

 Suparule Systems Ltd.
Suparule develops, manufactures and supplies electronic measuring intsruments (Ultrasonic Height Measurement, Distance Measurement, Cable Earth Fault Indicator, Overhead Line Current Recorder, Voltage Proximity Sensor) for technical personnel in the utility, industrial, construction and commercial sectors.

 TELE Haase Steuergeräte GMBH
TELE is a pioneer in the field of monitoring technology and has had a significant impact on technology trends in this area. With more than 40 years' experience of development, production, marketing and core competence in the monitoring technology segment, TELE occupies a leading position in the international marketplace. Technical expertise, tested quality and optimized processes as well as an efficient organization make TELE a strong partner in all aspects of monitoring technology and automation components.

 Zeck GmbH
ZECK GmbH is a german producer of high-class special machines for transmission line construction (Pullers + Drum Stands/Trailers).
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