Manufacturer: Bagela Baumaschinen GmbH
The BAGELA company make underground Cable and Tube Laying machine and accessories for it.

Cable pulling winches:
The sturdy cable pulling winches of this series have proved to be highly reliable in continual service for telecommunication line and electricity supply cable laying projects. Pulling force: up to 400kN.

Cable Pusher:
Have you ever been faced with the task of pulling cable along meandering courses, through street undercrossings or in narrow ducts? If so, you will know how soon the stress limit of the cable being pulled is reached and how soon you will have to fit a connection piece. Push power: up to 8kN.

Cable Drum, Tubing and Container Trailers:
The twin-axle chassis with axle balancing system readily absorbs severe shocks and high axle loads, even when crossing rough and bumpy ground. Irrespective of ground conditions the trailer can be loaded by one man in a couple of minutes. With a few modifications it can easily be changed into a trailer for carrying tipping containers of up to 9 m3 capacity Payload: Up to 20t.

The BAGELA company make Underground Cable Laying Accessories too, such as Cable roller, Reeling rails ,Hydraulic lifting jacks for cable drums, Length measuring device, Hand cable shears, Anti-twist swivel.
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