We undertake planning, programming and putting into operation of control engineering systems. We have made our tasks on base of Mauell, Honeywell and Siemens Simatic.

Our references:

  1. Control engineering systems of 5-8 boilers of Tatabánya Power Plant (Honeywell)
  2. Common control engineering system of gas engines of Tatabánya Power Plant (Honeywell)
  3. Refrigeration automatic system of transformer at Göd, Pécs, Szombathely, Bicske, Szolnok – MAVIR Zrt. subtations (Mauell)
  4. Bus bar's electric control of the lock bolt of Vért Oroszlány Power Plant (Mauell)
  5. Control engineering system of compressor automatic of MOL Plc. Algyő (Siemens Simatic)
  6. Controlling process of the "Installing the storage heater system by modifying the 10000 m3 oil tank (OT1) at Tatabánya Power Plant" project implementing by SIEMENS base.
  7. Installing of the cooling-systems of the power transformators (produced by S.C. Retrasib S.A (Romania)) at MAVIR substations (Perkáta, Kerepes, Paks, Szigetcsép) based on WAGO PLC.
  8. Programing the automatic process control devices at Tatabánya Power Plant ("Modifying the heater 7. and 8. from gas to biomass") on HONEYWELL base.

Our partners:

  • Enertech Hungária Kft.

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