Product: Time relays  
  TELE Haase Steuergeräte GMBH

Monitoring relays

Expensive breakdowns and down time however can be prevented by relatively small investments. TELE’s load monitors are a particularly cost-effective precaution providing reliable protection for plant and machinery.

Current monitoring

TELE current monitors protect machines and loads by monitoring the systems for under- and overcurrent. Undercurrent monitors for example allow the detection of deactivated or failed consumers and the TELE current monitor send an alarm signal for such events.

Voltage monitoring

TELE voltage monitors allow direct and alternating currents to be reliably monitored – whether it is mains voltage, battery voltage or standard signals (0 – 10V). TELE undervoltage monitors, for instance, are widely used to activate emergency lighting in such public buildings as cinemas, sport stadiums and theatres.

Phase sequence monitoring

TELE phase monitors are a simple and reliable option to screen three-phase networks with and without neutral conductors. The monitoring of phase sequences, phase failures and asymmetry is required to safely operate such systems as pumps and machines. Thus creating a simple and efficient method of preventing machine damage.

Temperature monitoring

Motor coil temperatures may be monitored with three types of temperature sensor. Changes in the electric conductivity of a PTC (in accordance with DIN 44081) as a result of excess temperatures or the action of a thermal switch will be recognised by the sensor relay and the motor deactivated as protection. The use of PT100 temperature sensors offer enhanced monitoring comfort with adjustable thresholds and selectable functions.

Level monitoring

The filling levels of containers with conductive liquids are best monitored using the robust probes. The sensor relay checks filling and draining by pumps or valve settings, to adjust the level in the container to current needs. For municipal water utilities, for example, this is the preferred method to monitor the filling levels of their water containers.


Timing relays


The reliable solution in plant construction – GAMMA series

Two changeover contacts, different variants for control contact and supply terminals, plus the remote potentiometer are particular features of these devices. Various types in are available in the industrial design style to meet requirements in the industrial environment.

Modern design for the traditional 11-pole socket - KAPPA series

For many applications the 11-pole socket is still preferred. The reasons for this may be to permit pre-assembly, hot-swapping or use by untrained personnel.

 The modern series for building and industrial applications – ENYA series

 With the flat front panel, clearly visible indicators and tool-adjustable controls these timers provide a neat and orderly appearance in the distribution box. The Light Controller combines an impulse switch and staircase lighting timer in a single unit.

Compact series for plant construction and industrial applications – VEO series

Main futures: compact design, powerful technology, sustainability by energy efficiency, industrial design, kompact industrial design, multifunction (up to 10 functions), extended wide zoom supply (12-240V AC/DC), extended temperature range, power consumption reduced by (>5W)

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