Product: PWS 2.3 genX  
  MTE Meter Test Equipment
PWS 2.3 gen X

Three-phase Portable Working Standard for Testing Electricity Meters and Instrument Transformers

The PWS 2.3 genX Portable Working Standard is a three-phase portable electronic meter test unit of accuracy class 0.1%, used for testing single and three-phase electricity meters on site. The PWS 2.3 genX allows checking of all meter installation parame-ters and associated circuits.

The unit can be used either with a direct connection in the range of 1 mA ... 12 A, or by using a set of 3 active 100 A error com-pensated clamp-on CT’s (included in the standard accessories set) in the range 10 mA …100 A. It is therefore possible to easily and accurately measure both CT and direct connected meters.

The unit can be powered either from the measuring circuit or from an auxiliary single-phase supply.

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